Do You Have An Emergency Backpack? It May Be Time To Make One

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Everybody is talking about the big hurricane that might hit the East Coast, but not everyone is prepared for emergencies. On the west coast, tech editor Jaymi is prepared for anything. She packs everything from crowbars to playing cards. She ends her post in TreeHugger style:

The time you spend packing your bag can be the best way to make it have the lowest impact, now and during a disaster. Search out products and supplies that are organic, made of natural materials where appropriate and practical, and other steps to make it as low-footprint as possible. After all, in a disaster there are already enough eco-problems to deal with -- why let our emergency kits be part of the problem?

More in TreeHugger: Deconstructing the Emergency Bag: Packing a Kit Is Tougher Than It Looks

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Jaymi also looks at the very cool company ShelterBox which has created extraordinarily well-thought out emergency kits. ShelterBox Kits Bound for Japan Show What You Should Pack for Emergencies

shopping bag helmetDiginfo/Video screen capture

Then there is always the shopping bag that turns into an emergency helmet. Very useful.

Do You Have An Emergency Backpack? It May Be Time To Make One
If you live on the East Coast, you might want to be prepared

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