DIY Steampunk-Style iPhoneograph for iPhones or iPads Has Amazing Sound

As you likely know, around here we have a thing for upcycled and/or battery-free iPhone speakers. Anything from a stick of bamboo to fancy horns, we love 'em. And that means when we see a project as amazing as that of bricbracwizard's on Instructables, we're all ears.

Now this design has more power behind it than the usual designs we show off here -- it isn't passive, but instead acts boosts the volume of your iPad with electricity. What we really love about it is that it is built from a whole bunch of scrap parts, yet it looks like a vintage phoneograph... well, with a modern iPad stuck on top.

Check out this video showing off the beautiful look of the iPhoneograph, and check out the fabulous sound

The maker writes, "I've had so much fun making this and it's such a good sound system, it takes you back to the 1900's (no I'm not really that old - that would be incredible though!)... Making a Steampunk sound system has been on my mind for a year now and it wasn't until I saw Horatius.Steam's building a passive speaker for your phone instructable that I was inspired to do this, but unlike his I needed more than a passive speaker, I wanted 'POWER!'"

The materials used for the project came almost entirely from recycling depots, scavanged pieces, and donations from friends. They include:

1 x Old Cutlery Canteen (Box)
1 x Brass Horn - these are repos imported from India (one of many sites:
1 x Mini Stereo Amp - this I built from an old kit I had lying around at home, it has an LM380 audio amp, but really you should use a mono amp for this! Obviously!
1 x Transformer to run the amplifier
1 x 1.5 metre square of blue felt
2 x Potentiometer Knobs
1 x 1 metre length of shielded audio cable
2 x 3.5mm stereo plugs
1 x 3.5mm stereo socket
1 x Power lead with plug for mains
1 x Power socket
1 x Power switch (3 way)
2 x Mains driven LED lights (one red and one green)
1 x 100mm square of acrylic (3mm thick)


Soldering Iron & solder
Wire Cutters
Dremel (mini drill)
Hole Drill Bits
Wood Glue
JB Weld (epoxy)
Varnish (I used Danish OIl)
000 Wire Wool
Propane Torch and Silver Solder (although you could use a good epoxy)
Sander and Sand Paper

First up is getting the box ready with the right holes for all the pieces and sanding it down. Then you cut the brass. You can cut them based on the device you want to use, whether that's an iPod, iPad or some other gadget.

Next, add your electronics, including the Mini Stereo Amplifier.

Now you want to put all your pieces together and prettify the box. And Voila!! A gorgeous music player made from junk that looks like a modified antique.

Of course, more detailed instructions and links and such are available on the instructable if you'd like to take on this fun project.

DIY Steampunk-Style iPhoneograph for iPhones or iPads Has Amazing Sound
A clever maker has crafted a gorgeous phoneograph, but it's build for iPhones or iPads. Best of all, you can build it yourself!

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