DIY solar foundry reaches temperatures of 3800 degrees farenheit

solar foundry image
© Green Power Science via Instructables

Of all the ways to heat metal to melting points in order to work with it, using the sun's heat is not usually listed among them. But Green Power Science does just that with this DIY solar foundry. Metal-working, in the backyard, without an open flame. Crazy!

But also still fairly dangerous. Just read the description on the project: "The solar tracker keeps our target illuminated for 8 hours a day enabling build temperatures exceeding 2100˚ Celsius, a new personal record."

That's hot!!!

Watch some of the metal working that is possible with this solar concentrator:

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DIY solar foundry reaches temperatures of 3800 degrees farenheit
Melting metals with the sun, this DIY project shows just how hot it can get when you concentrate the sun's rays for a task.

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