DIY Hardware Superstore Tindie is an Etsy for Gadget Geeks

Hackers and hobbyists rejoice, there is an amazing online resource built just for you. If you aren't seeing enough action for your DIY gadget goodies on Etsy, an online store named Tindie (or rather, tINDIE) might be the solution for selling your wares -- or for finding great new devices to experiment with.

You can sell your own gadgets and parts, post a call-out for something you're in need of, or buy devices and parts from other makers. Basically, it's the beginnings of a hardware heaven for anyone interested in tinkering with electronics.

The site is simple, easy to navigate, and there's already a wide variety of items for sale -- as well as quite a few ideas for things people want built for them to buy, such as:

"A battery-powered, hand-held audio system jammer, for use when morons with over-amped, bone-jarring, head-exploding bass sounds pull up beside me at a traffic light. The jammer should be able to create a screeching cacophony that will explode their speaker system and make their teeth fall out. Figuratively, of course."


DIY Hardware Superstore Tindie is an Etsy for Gadget Geeks
If you like to build your own gadgets, or you need parts for projects you're working on, this Etsy-style store is the perfect hangout for you.

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