DIY Electroluminescent Bike is Perfect Project for Paranoid Pedaler

mountain bike lights photo

Photo via QuackMasterDan

For anyone who wants to make sure they're ultra-visible while riding their bike at night, this 10-step DIY project might be the ticket. Using electroluminescent wire -- copper cabling coated in reactive paint that emits light when in contact with electricity -- and an LED light strip, one crafty maker transformed a bike into a safe vehicle, mainly because everyone stops to stare as it rolls by. Check out more photos after the jump.

glowing bike photo

The Instructables tutorial shows how to set up the system, at a cost of around $130. Considering the time and investment on having a well-lit bike, a cyclist might want to also invest in a hardy chain to ensure it doesn't get stolen.

glowing bike photo

A few other bikes-with-beaucoup-lights we like include a highly logical wind-powered light, the self-powered laser concept that lights up a circle around the bike and rider so cars know not to cut too close, and of course the obxoniously bright bike that is wrapped in reflective tape so it looks black during the day but like a thing from another solar system at night.

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