DIY Bottlecap Headphone Project Teaches A Bigger Lesson

bottlecap ear phones photo

Photo Via MAKE

This fun project of making ear phones out of junked parts (and you'll be surprised to read just what was used) holds a much cooler lesson than simply how to turn random disposable items into a functional device. The headphones were part of a project done at a high school. Using bottle caps, speakers from shipping tubes, lights, pvc, coffee cups and italian ice cups, a seat of headphones was constructed that worked, though obviously not quite as well as high end ear buds.

bottlecap speaker project photo

Still, the real value of the project was pointed out over at MAKE. And that lesson is to show kids that not everything has to be purchased at a store. Rather, often with a little ingenuity and know-how, you can turn a few materials from your junk drawer into a great new device.

That kind of thinking is exactly what we need to show our gadget-loving next generation of eco-activists!

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