DIY Arduino-Powered Bike Lights, Turn Signals, and Odometer

arduino lights imageJenna deBoisblanc/Video screen capture

We are big advocates of safe bicycling, which includes being properly illuminated at night. And that's why we love this cool project by Jenna deBoisblanc that decks out a bike in Arduino-powered goodness including turn signals, a strobe light, and even brake lights.

deBoisblanc had broken down the project into four parts, all with videos. First, an overview:

If you like what you see, you can check out the other videos going through:

Turning Indicators and Strobe Light

LCD Speedometer & Odometer

Brake Light and Battery Pack

As Lifehacker points out, "The entire system is built on the backbone of an Arduino Uno with a few other parts totaling at about $150. That seems expensive, but DeBoisblanc's build covers a lot of ground."

And we agree. Investing $150 into your own safety while riding in the dark or in traffic seems well worth it, especially when it creates such a complete kit.

DIY Arduino-Powered Bike Lights, Turn Signals, and Odometer
Be safer this winter when you're out cycling, thanks to this cool do-it-yourself project.

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