On Designboom: The return of the boom box

boom box
© Newman Radios via Designboom

How many of the Rs does this hit, the updating of old radios and boom boxes with bluetooth so that you can connect it to your phone. It's Repairing, Repurposing, Reducing waste. It's also wRetched. Fortunately, it isn't just ghetto blasters that are getting the 21st century update. Designboom explains:

UK-based Newman Radios has revitalized vintage radios bringing them up to date with bluetooth technology. The integrated feature enables one to play music through the iconic loudspeakers from a connected device. adapting the original circuit board, the transformation makes use of the existing speaker and control buttons leaving the classic design unaffected by cables or sockets.

Fortunately they also upgrade radios from other eras. More at Designboom.

We have also shown how you can do this yourself in How to transform an antique portable radio into a modern Bluetooth speaker

On Designboom: The return of the boom box
We're all for repurposing, repairing, and upcycling, but please, not this

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