Dell's Free Computer Recycling Expanded to Virginia, Wash D.C.

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Good news for folks living in Virginia and Washington .D.C. Metro: you can now get rid of your old computers for free through Reconnect.

Reconnect is a recycling program run through Dell and Goodwill, helping to reduce the occurrence of e-waste. The program hopes to divert 2.7 million pounds of used computer gear from area landfills over the next year.

The program is doing more than just recycling computers, though. It's giving a boost to our economy in a couple great ways. The Reconnect program is helping to create job opportunities for people, giving a much needed income to people who might not be able to find a job elsewhere.

Plus, providing this free services helps cash-strapped people continue to do right by the environment through recycling rather than tossing e-waste, saving our landfills from the costly task of sorting - or worse, dealing with toxic e-waste later on.

With over 134 Goodwill donation centers across the region, recycling computers just got a whole lot easier. They'll take any brand of computer equipment in any condition. Consumers can find a drop-off location at Reconnect's website.

Be sure to prepare your computer for recycling before dropping it off.

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