Dell To Produce Low-Lead PC

This isn’t what you’d call a particularly sexy item, but it is pretty green, and that’s sexy enough for us. Dell, manufacturer of many, many computers, announced earlier this week that it has developed a new PC that reduces energy consumption (passive cooling will reduce needs for fans) and cuts the amount of lead used in its construction. Apparently, the electronics giant was pretty much forced by the EU to come up with the OptiPlex GX280 in order to comply with the politics of the Reduction of Hazardous Substances directive (to be implemented in July 2006), but that’s ok, we’ll take it. (The directive imposes restrictions on what manufacturers can use in products that are likely to end up in landfills.) The GX280 series is available in desktop and mini-tower cases, with Pentium 4 and Celeron processors. Starting at $737 and £389. Thanks for the tip Joel J of Gizmodo fame! ::The Register (U.K.) [by MO]