Dell Says Apple is Greenwashing Its Gear

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Screen capture from Apple's Green Ad

There's a hot debate out in the enviro-sphere on whether or not Apple is as green as it says it is, or green at all. Well, Dell tends to side with the nay sayers.

Unless you've been under a rock, or are utterly uninterested in computers, you haven't missed Apple's latest ads touting the greenness of its products. Dell, however, says that's a bunch of huff and puff. Bob Pearson, Dell's VP of Communities and Conversations (you can have a VP for that??), says that Apple is being irresponsible to the earth by making false claims for how green it is and hoping consumers won't notice. Apple, along with Dell and HP, are perceived to be the greenest computer companies, so the two are direct competitors for the up-and-coming greener consumer base.

And now, the blogosphere is abuzz with the latest entry to Dell's blog knocking Apple for what it says are green fake-outs.

Our view is that companies who choose to lead have an obligation to be open and transparent. We have a responsibility to engage in dialogue about the environment, whether we agree or disagree with an individual person or group. It all contributes to the greater good.

What is not good is to skip steps, avoid dialogue and pray that people aren't smart enough to figure it out. That doesn't help any of us and it certainly doesn't further the environmental cause for those of us who care deeply about it.

And they end on this rather lame note:

We wish Apple would be more bold in making a difference rather than making ads. If they do both, then fantastic, run all the ads you want. But don't forget what this is all about. And, remember, we're just getting started.

While Dell is positioning this outburst as we-have-to-say-it-for-the-sake-of-the-world-and-humanity, really, it's just an attempt to knock Apple off its high green horse and get Dell a better edge in the marketplace.

Whether Apple is green or not - and that can be debated until the end of time - and whether Dell is delivering a petty blow with this post - equally as eternally debatable - we have to say that this incident is good news for us as computer users.

Companies are calling each other out when it comes to eco-friendliness and competing over it out in the open. That means the issue is taken with seriousness, and companies will have to live up to what it is they dish out if they want their brand to survive.

So, greener computers, here they come.

Also - here is one of the ad Dell is referencing:

Via a whole lot of blogs, but most humorously, TUAW
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