Dell Announces Big Expansion of Recycing Program (Video)

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Dell has just announced that their Reconnect program - a partnership with Goodwill stores across the country for electronics collection - is getting a big expansion. The program is now in 18 states, with over 1,000 collection points gathering up resellable and recyclable gadgets. Find out how you can get a Dell gift card when you recycle.The key to Dell's Reconnect success is that it uses the leverage of existing behaviors. Everyone already knows that Goodwill is a go-to place for donating items. Also, many people are starting to realize that you can't just toss electronics in the trash. Having e-waste drop-off points at a top-of-mind donation center makes electronics recycling a no-brainer.

The six additional states that host Reconnect include Arkansas, Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon and Vermont. Akron, Ohio, Frederick, Md. and New Haven, Conn. are new Reconnect cities. The program is free for consumers who want to responsibly recycle any brand of unwanted electronics. And if you feel like getting something back for your gadgets, Dell has a trade in program that exchanges gift cards for devices that still hold value.

Dell's Expanded Reconnect Program Helps Create Jobs
Dell has included 6 more states in its Reconnect program, which is great news for e-waste. But it also means more great news.

The Reconnect program is a partnership with Goodwill, and one of Goodwill's major goals is training and placing people in jobs. According to Susanne Fredericks, business innovation and development for Goodwill, the organization places a person in a job every 53 seconds. Reconnect is helping to be a big part of that. The program's expansion has already created dozens of jobs for people from collecting and sorting, to more skilled positions.

Reconnect Is Transparent and Trackagble
Another highlight of the program is that even as it expands to more states, it stays transparent. Mike Watson, senior manager of Dell Global Recycling Services states that Dell performs intensive third-party audits of their recycling program - over 150 first tier audits have already been performed - to ensure the strictest standards are being followed. According to Watson, Dell follows products through the recycling chain directly to their final processing position. Disposition policies are available online at

Find a Reconnect Drop-Off Near You
If you want to use Reconnect the next time you recycle e-waste, check out the Reconnect website and use their site-finder tool.

Thanks to this program, Dell already passed their goal of recycling 275 million pounds of gadgets.

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