Daily Show: Amazon Kindle 2 Ships Featuring TreeHugger! Plus, Jon Stewart Finds The Great Gatsby Erotic E-Reading

Okay, Jon Stewart made precisely zero reference to TreeHugger, but it is true you can subscribe to TreeHugger on Kindle for a pittance on ye olde paperless Kindle original flavor, or on the bright shiny K2.

Jaymi dished on the second coming of the Kindle e-reader back in November when nary a unit was available for purchase. That's geeky e-reader speak for they were sold out and you couldn't get your tickle me e(lmo)-reader, kido.

Amazon Kindle 2 geeky green electronics features digital ink and story time

The K2 not only has the enhanced digital ink screen Jaymi told us about, but it also
• generates 16 shades of gray for reading in outdoors in bright sunlight
• displays six, customizable sizes of type
• is incredibly thin, barely 1/3 of an inch,
• weighs just over 10 ounces, allowing you to according to Bezos "read a book with one hand," hence, Jon Stewart now finds The Great Gatsby erotic literature
• READS TO YOU ALOUD! (sorry to yell, pls let us assure you Kindle 2 doesn't yell at you)

Stewart balks a bit upon hearing that the new text-to-speech feature uses and electronically produced voice that you can listen to here about 1 minute in to the video. The Daily Show host also chokes a bit upon hearing the north of $300 price tag. However, Bezos tells us that Kindle owners tell Amazon they are reading more books (and TreeHugger *plug-plug* for a low, low subscription price) than ever before.

Why is the Kindle Green? Less fuel, less paper, more books!

• Because one needn't drive one's petrol car to the store. Or a dieseled-up truck to stock up the store in the first place. Or a GHG-emitting truck from Amazon to your home to deliver your book to you.

• With the deforestation of the actual Amazon rapidly occurring, taking the dead tree out of dead-tree reading materials can't be a bad green thing either. Wee green snark: it leaves more from which to manufacture facial tissue -- we do heart our Boreal forests!

• Not as many resources are needed for a book to travel over the digital internets. As long as the servers use green power from the sun & wind let's say, as well as manage idle time to name a few server-side eco-concerns.

We looked around the web to see is Amazon's S3 cloud servers, which I'm presuming are the engines behind Amazon delivery of digital Kindle products, but anyone out there correct me if I'm wrong -- like that would be a first! We found some chatter on some Amazon Web Services forum threads:

Green Energy :: Electricty used per EC2 instance?
Thread: Amazon EC2 A Green Choice?

Neither discussions are very conclusive. Specifically, it appears a moderator from Amazon has yet to chime in. If any of you have some knowledge on this, please drop it on us in our own comments thread below.

• E-Waste: well, no benefit here other than say the small size making for less materials use and perhaps also a reasonable lifespan of the product; but there's no indication Kindle 2 outlasts other handheld gadgets in its class. Plus, what happens if you drop the thing and trash it? Here's a video of this would-be greener gadget being dropped in slo-motion; watch it and judge for yourself.

kindle 2 drop test oops fall falling pencil thin sleek design elegant electronic paper tech digital ink words grayscale screen Paperless E-Reader Amazon gadget gizmo consumer electronics ipod for books photo

As with any company's gizmo for which no electronics recycling take-back program is offered, bottom line is there's room for improvement. We're talking to you, Amazon. No we will not take back saying it -- you take it back, Jeff Bezos and Amazon! : )

Happy e-reading everyone!

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