Current State: How Design Makes Things Better


Maybe it's just that everything looks better on an iPhone- there have been other systems that do this kind of thing but none are so pretty. Over at Greener Grass they have designed Current State, "a real-time energy use monitoring system and timer for powered devices combined into one. The Current State system is made up of two parts, a mobile application for you cell phone, which allows you to control and monitor electricity use from anywhere, and a series of Plug-Ends that give you control over the products around your house."


How it Works

1. Order the system online, specifying the number of Plug-Ends needed.
2. Install Current State software on your mobile device.
3. Attach Plug-Ends to powered devices around your house.
4. Sync Plug-Ends to software, giving each powered device a descriptive name and confirming its location within your house.
5. Use Current State to remotely monitor your energy usage, control your devices, and set up automatic timers.

Put it all together at::The Greener Grass via ::Notcot

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