Credit Crunch Means Holiday Focus on Techy Fixer-Uppers

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One of the things about a crappy economy is it makes people accidentally green. This includes holiday techy gifting. Gadgets sales dropped for the first time this year during the after-Thanksgiving holiday rush. So what are people focusing on in the techy sector if not new devices?

They’re focusing on adding to, and improving their old gadgets, like…Retrevo is a search engine that focuses on consumer technology purchases. Director of community, Adrew Eiser says that it looks like consumers are focusing on adding to the devices they already own instead of making big purchases. For instance, rather than new gaming consoles, they’re buying just the games.

Other examples are loading up an existing iPod with new songs rather than getting the latest iPod, an Xbox Live subscription rather than the newest Xbox, a new hard drive for an existing computer, or a GPS system for your car rather than a whole new car.

And while some gadgets are already selling really well, like the Xbox (purportedly selling 3-1 over the Wii), the Black Berry Storm, and possibly even HD TVs, for the most part, it’ll be a quieter year on the tech front than the 2007 holiday season.

And that, is good green news.

What we’ll hopefully see is less new electronic hardware sold, a growing use of already owned gadgets, and a higher purchase rate for used electronics. If this is the case, like many industry analysts predict it will be, it’ll be a greener winter (and not in the global warming sense).

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