iPhone App Connects Your Trash Directly to Artists and Upcyclers

We all have heard of groups, websites and apps that help people swap their stuff or give their old items to folks who want them. They're all great ways to keep things out of landfill and reduce how much we consume. But Team CORA wants to go one step more and connect you with people who need your old junk as raw material for new projects, literally transforming your trash into treasure.

"We believe that if there's something you need, chances are it's already hidden in your stuff, or your neighbor has it. Our easy-to-use mobile app will be the hub that renews our stuff and our connections to each other... Type in any item you're done with, and choose its next life. Our app will enable you to find neighbors who need your stuff, and businesses that want it (and may even pay you for it)," state the developers.

The goal is to keep trash out of watersheds, off beaches, and out of the ocean, and that's a goal we can support. And boy does Team CORA need support. They have just 20 days left to earn nearly $70,000, which will get the rather huge project off the ground and get the app onto iPhones.

If you support freecycling, swapping stuff, upcycling, DIYing things and generally keeping all our stuff in the consumer stream and out of landfills, then you may want to seriously consider supporting this project.

iPhone App Connects Your Trash Directly to Artists and Upcyclers
CORA app will provide a new way to turn your trash into treasure, and you'll get to choose how your old things become new again.

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