Cool-er e-Reader Is Cheaper, Has More Titles than Kindle

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If you're looking to save trees by developing a long term relationship with a shiny new e-reader, you might want to move past the Kindle and Sony Reader and peruse other options. The newest to hit the market next month is the Cool-er, which boasts a bigger library, cheaper price, and more colorful selection than the Kindle. The Cool-er is a possibility for e-reader fans starting early June, where it will hit the market at $249. It'll have around 260,000 paid-for titles at launch in the US from all the major publishers, and around 60,000 titles will be available in the UK and Europe initially. Plus, it won't be as stuffy as Amazon, selling books in the open EPub standard, whereas Amazon uses its own .azw format.

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All the pros, and the cons, are given more detail over at Financial Times' Techblog.

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