Contactless bicycle dynamo light gets intelligent upgrade

Magnic Light iC
© Magnic Light

The maker of the Magnic Light, said to be the "world's first compact bicycle dynamo," is launching an upgraded version of this innovative bike lighting system, with an integrated microprocessor enabling steady light and intelligent energy control.

The original Magnic Light, which we first covered in 2012 when the first Kickstarter campaign was launched, was a big hit with cyclists, as it provided a battery-free method of illuminating the road and keeping bikes more visible on the road.

The maker of this light is back with another iteration of the device, which can deliver even higher efficiency and brighter lighting, and if you're one of the first to back the project, you'll be able to pick up one of the new Magnic Lights, almost for free.

The new model, dubbed Magnic Light iC, integrates a few new features, which may make this bike light the most advanced version on the planet:

With Magnic Light iC we present a new exciting technology on Kickstarter: Microprocessor controlled steady light + intelligent energy control + non blinding light.

You might wonder why we need a microprocessor for an additional steady light. This is necessary because we want to keep efficiency on the highest level.

For a standard bicycle dynamo energy losses for steady light electronics (incl. rectifier) are not important compared to the bigger total energy consumption of the system. Magnic Light acts on a lower level so these losses are not acceptable in order to keep efficiency high.

In addition to the intelligent controls, the Magnic Light iC has a redesigned lens, which avoids the issue of blinding oncoming traffic, keeping more of the light without enlarging the body or lens of the system.

If you want to get the best possible deal on this battery-free contactless dynamo light for your bike, you'll need to act fast, because if you're one of the first six people to back the new Kickstarter campaign, you'll receive a Magnic Light iC for just one dollar.

Yes, you read that right. The first six backers to make a pledge to the campaign will get one of the first of the new models for $1 (regular price is $179). The campaign goes live at 12:18 pm EST today, and you'll want to keep that browser tab open and keep hitting refresh in order to see it as soon as it opens up for pledges.

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