Connected bike pedal records your ride, deters thieves

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There were lots of interesting gadgets at this year's CES show, but out of the many I've read about, the Connected Cycle smart bike pedal is one of the most intriguing and likely to be truly helpful in real-world use.

The pedal features a built-in GPS device that can be connected to a smartphone through the Connected Cycle app. Once synced, the pedal starts tracking all of the data about the bike's movement -- route, speed, incline, calories burned, even the last place it was parked -- and sending it to the smartphone app.

All of this is great for people wanting to have fitness tracking capabilities with their bike, but it serves another purpose too. Whenever the bike is moved, the smartphone will get an alert and its route is automatically tracked, so if your bike is ever stolen, you'll be able to track it down in real-time.

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It's estimated that as many as 2 million bikes are stolen each year, so many of you reading this have likely felt the sting of bike theft. We've talked about special bike locks and a DIY one that will track your bike for you, but the problem with many locks is that bike thieves are ready with tools that can remove them.

The Connected Cycle pedal takes just two minutes to install, but it can only be removed with a special key.

The pedal will be up for a round of crowd funding soon. It will be available in red, black, blue, green and orange, but no pricing has been set.

Connected bike pedal records your ride, deters thieves
The pedal tracks where your bike goes, which is great for fitness monitoring and keeping tabs on your bike.

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