Concept E-Book Has Pages


Criticisms of electronic books abound. Everything from their weight to their smell has been derided by lovers of traditional books. These days, however, it doesn't take long for a new innovation to arrive in response to these criticisms.

The objection we focus on today is, in my opinion, a rather lame one: You can't flip pages with an e-book, pressing buttons is just not the same! While I agree that it isn't technically "The same," I don't think it's much worse. It's not like we're genetically predisposed to turning pages. I'm actually pretty sure pushing buttons is easier to do. But just because a criticism is silly doesn't mean that innovation won't respond. Thus a turnable e-book concept from Timothy Yeoh: The Turnover.Very simply the Turnover would have two electronic ink screens that lay on top of one another. When you finish with one, you turn it around to the back, exposing the page behind it. The page you've just been reading refreshes with the text from the next page, and when you turn again, it's changed. It's quite magical, and an innovative solution to a criticism that, I'm afraid, was kinda ridiculous in the first place.

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