Computer System Runs on Just 8 Watts


Eight watts. That's with processor and SDRAM running full tilt. Add the 8" LCD monitor at 12 Watts and a folding solar panel and you have a complete off-grid Linux puppy for £499. It was developed for the third world as "a collaborative, open source project of vast possibilities and a highly focused process to rapidly produce and distribute affordable computer appliances for people without reliable access to power. "

That may be so, but it would work fine right here- my wall-warts suck more than 8 watts, let alone the computers.


Designed for Rural Africa

Works in places other computers don't.

* During peak performance, the E1 consumes just 8W of power, 4% of what a typical (200W) desktop uses. Runs off a car battery or a cheap solar panel.
* Keep Working During Power Cuts! A UPS that will keep a standard desktop running for 15 minutes will power an E1 for 6.5 hours!
* Everything is stored on a CF card, which can be instantly removed to ensure security of your information.
* Efficient web browser for slow Internet connections.
* Discounted 5-Pack for rural schools available, with low-power displays, solar panel, and battery.

Every application you need and as fast as XP

Puppy Linux is pre-installed. Completely Stable and Fast!

* Practically identical interface to Windows, no learning curve required!
* Office-compatible - create/modify/save Excel and Word files, or even PDFs.
* Spreadsheet program opens in 3 seconds.

Works Off-the-Grid, Available with LCD, Solar Panel

For aid workers, meteorologists, field engineers, and people on the move.

* Ultra-portable version: E1 with 8" Display, foldable solar panel, and lightweight battery.
* Fits in laptop bag, takes 5 minutes to set up.
* Display and E1 run for 3.5 hours on a charge. Can recharge by car.


With Linux getting as developed as it is, one isn't sacrificing much to work on such a machine. It is no OLPC, its not for kids, but it would work for everyone else. They see it primarily as a development platform:

" Our aim is to position the E1 desktop as a platform around which all sorts of applications can be developed. The E1 has the benefits for developers of a standardized spec, a low price, and a Linux operating system.

As a company, our expertise lies in the hardware engineering involved in creating a general purpose handheld and providing reliable email. Rather than attempt to develop software for areas outside our core strength, we would rather partner with NGOs, universities, government ministries, independent programmers, etc. and supply development kits so that great apps can be written for healthcare workers (such as recording vaccinations), farmers (delivering critical information such as crop price and weather in areas without GSM access), and education (interactive content for primary schoolers or paperless tests that can be relayed immediately). "

::Aleutia via ::Sustainable Design

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