Computer Monitors Transformed Into Community Trash Bins

J Edson Azevedo has come up with a cool reuse of old monitor shells. Whether it's a TV or a CRT monitor, the plastic shell can be repurposed as a waste bin for public places, creating a new meaning for e-waste.

Azevedo writes that after a neighbor gave him some old monitors, he decided to repurpose them but instead of creating just one bin for personal use, it turned into a community development project. It takes a tiny amount of work, but can help tidy up a neighborhood.

We love the reuse of old electronics, and while this project uses only the shell, it helps remind us that "trash" is really raw materials. Another great use for the monitors is to make them literally e-waste bins, marking them as deposit boxes for smaller electronics, batteries, and other devices needing to be recycled.

Computer Monitors Transformed Into Community Trash Bins
A clever design idea takes old TVs and computer monitors and turns the outer shell into public waste bins to clean up neighborhoods.

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