Computer and Planter Combine for Futuristic Office Setting

The blend between electronics and living things is something that seems to fascinate a number of designers -- and a number of TreeHuggers for that matter. It is intriguing to explore how our gadgets, which seem so completely set apart from nature, could possibly blend with something like plants, especially when things like dirt and water typically spell death for an electronic device.

Designer Omer Deutsch dreamed up a computer that doubles as a planter. Featured on Yanko Design some months ago, we're not sure how it slipped by us until now.

The design is called Secondary Growth. Yanko Design writes, "Complete with soil and germinated seeds, the system functions not only as a computer but as a home for the user’s favorite plant, creating an interesting contrast between a constantly changing organism and an unchanging object of permanence. The computer’s exterior was designed not only to resist water but to use it for cooling the internal components."

It is definitely a piece of vaporware, but nonetheless is an interesting exploration of how the technology we bring into our home can also mix with the nature we try to bring indoors as well. It's not the first computer-planter design we've seen, but it is certainly the most interesting.

Computer and Planter Combine for Futuristic Office Setting
One designer has dreamed up a way to blend a home computer and your favorite houseplants.

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