Completely Confused by Green Labels? There's an App to Fix That

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In the utterly confusing mass of green labels, there's a ray of hope. When you head to the store and start sifting through the stamps of "fair trade," "all natural," "organic," "certified," and so on, you need something on hand to help you make sense of them all and decide which are real and which are greenwash. Luckily, a new app by the Natural Resources Defense Council is helping you stay sane while searching for the most ecofriendly products. Apps like GoodGuide can help you understand the product's background, including the environmental sensibilities of the company that makes it. But if you're picking out something not found in the database of an app, or you're not sure what a label means, you can pop up Label Lookup on your iPhone.

Label Lookup has a database of everything from food to cleaning products, from paper to personal care and the labels associated with them. Unfortunately, they don't cover electronics - we're hoping they add that in quickly since there's a growing range of labels in that department too.

QUIZ: Know Your Green Labels?

You can look up claims by the label to find out if the label itself is legit, or if you are searching for a particular product, you can see which tout trustworthy labels. Each description includes an evaluation from NRDC as well as information about the label directly from the certifier or regulator. The NRDC uses information from the EPA, USDA, Calfironia South Coast Air Quality Management District, and Consumer's Union to help them evaluate the labels for legitimacy, and each label is given 0 to 3 leaves for quick visual ranking - zero, of course, being an untrustworthy label.

Fast, simple, and helpful for shopping, and the app is free!

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