CO2 Saver: Toolbar Reduces, Measures Computer Energy Use, Carbon Emissions


Computer applications designed to minimize our ecological footprint (or "ecosoftware," as Lloyd dubbed them) continue to roll out: yesterday, released its CO2 Saver toolbar. The app not only helps users apply power-saving settings to their computer, but also tallies the amount of CO2 not emitted by changing those settings.

On the one hand (as Lloyd noted in his review of Local Cooling), this application adds no real functionality -- all of the settings can be changed through the normal power options in most operating systems. On the other hand, though, it does drive home the idea that our use of home electronics has consequences for the climate. Like the gas mileage displays in most hybrid vehicles, applications like the CO2 Saver could spur our sense of competition with ourselves to further lower our emissions... and that would be useful! ::The CO2 Saver from

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