Climate Scores Keeps Representatives Accountable on Climate Change Legislation

A new online scorecard helps you keep your representatives accountable for their votes on climate change legislation and lets you reach out to them via Facebook, Twitter, emails, and phone calls.

How does your Senator or Congressman score on important climate change legislation? Now you can find out how they voted on key bills and amendments, and reach out to them with either your kudos or your urging to work for better and longer-lasting climate change legislation.

Climate Scores aims to make the actions of members of Congress on important climate change issues more transparent, and hold them accountable to us, their constituents:

"Our goal is to keep Congress accountable on climate change legislation and to create lasting policies that tackle this pressing issue.

Congressmen will be scored on climate change legislation including bills and amendments on fossil fuel, renewable energy, climate change mitigation, subsidies and tax policies, and greenhouse gas regulation." - Climate Scores

The Climate Scores site lets you select your Congressmen by state, then specify members of the House or Senate, and easily see how they voted on climate change legislation. The site assigns letter grades (A through F) to each one, and makes it easy to send a message to them via Twitter, Facebook, email, or phone call.

"The Climate Scores grading mechanism provides objective information about the most important climate change legislation and the corresponding voting records of all members of the 112th Congress.

The bills and amendments that we believe are relevant to climate change include legislation on fossil fuel, renewable energy, climate change mitigation, subsidies and tax policies, and greenhouse gas regulation.

Each score is calculated by determining the congressman’s pro-environment votes over the total possible votes. Additionally, we tabulated abstain votes as a negative value."

Here's how one of my representatives, Steve Pearce, is scored:

Underneath the score is an overview of their voting record on key bills, as well as a suggested message to send them, either in support of their position or asking them to recognize climate change as a real and pressing issue to be acted upon.

Head over to Climate Scores and see how your representatives score on important bills and amendments that affect our current and future efforts to mitigate climate change in the U.S. Then, use the site to contact them and tell them how you think they're doing on these issues, holding them publicly accountable for their actions.

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