Climate Neutral Laptops from Averatec


These days, there isn't anything that can't be made "climate neutral." From book publishing to the World Cup to cell phones to entire film productions, buying carbon credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions is quickly emerging as the do-good-action du jour. The latest to sign up is laptop manufacturer Averatec, who pledged to neutralize CO2 emissions generated by the use of any Averatec laptop for three years through a partnership with German company Sustainable Partner GmbH. "CO2 emissions occur mainly through power consumption. Climate-neutral laptops were the next logical step in our drive to protect the climate," said Bengt Stahlschmidt, managing director of Averatec Europe GmbH. The climate-neutral laptop initiative follows last year's campaign that saw Averatec neutralize one ton of CO2 emissions for each laptop purchased. ::BIOS Magazine via ::Engadget and tipster Elizabeth.