Chip In to Help Fund a Portable, Solar-Powered Device to Provide Safe Drinking Water

A Kickstarter project called HYQUATOR aims to produce a portable solar-powered electronic device which provides safe drinking water just about anywhere, by killing pathogenic microorganisms in the source water within minutes.

A NYC-based tech start-up, iTRONYC, has listed their first project on Kickstarter with the hopes of gaining $60,000 in funding to produce the HYQUATOR. The device is said to work without filters or UV light and does not need any additional chemical components, and is powered by solar panel (or can be powered by a battery).

"It works in a primary process by killing pathogens within minutes and in a secondary process, prevents the regrowth of microorganisms, leaving a disinfectant residual that provides safe drinking water." - HYQUATOR

The highlights of the device's features are said to be that it can work in water with high levels of suspended solids, color or turbidity, and that it kills or inactivates pathogens within minutes and can disinfect 100 glasses of water on a single battery charge. The HYQUATOR is microprocessor-controlled and will be equipped with sensors to measure environmental parameters such as the total organic carbon in the source water, and the device calculates when the disinfection process is finished and notifies users when the water is safe to drink.

The device works by producing sodium hypochlorite (NaCLO), a chlorine compound, from water and salt, which is said to evaporate within 5 minutes after the process is complete.

As of today, the HYQUATOR project has only raised less than $2000 of their $60,000 goal, with just nine days left to go, so if you feel this project is a worthy one, please check it out and chip in a few bucks.

Chip In to Help Fund a Portable, Solar-Powered Device to Provide Safe Drinking Water
The portable HYQUATOR device could provide safe drinking water by killing pathogens, powered by the sun.

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