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Back in June we were all atwitter about the CherryPal coming out. Remember? The tiny desktop that uses 80% fewer components of typical PCs thanks to cloud computing, and would be a cheap investment for word processing and web surfing?

Well .they're supposedly shipping, but no one seems to be actually receiving them (except for a highly suspect commenter on TGDaily's post about MIA CherryPals).

Where are the CherryPals?One of the reasons were have been eagerly awaiting more info about the CherryPal is because it promises to be a very green way to do the basic tasks that the average computer user actually does on their computers — word processing, web surfing, photo storage, music listening and so on. After all, the official website promises:

It only uses 2 watts of power, lasts 10 years and has 80 percent fewer parts. There's no software or upgrades to install, no risk of viruses, and no operating system to deal with and free 24/7 support — all for just $249.

And "green" is at the center of their labeling.

But it all seems to be huff, puff and fluff without any actual substance. From TG Daily:

[CEO Max Seybold] told us that the devices are in fact shipping and that pre-ordered units will be ship by December 15. The company does not take pre-orders anymore and there was no information how many CherryPals are shipping every day and how many have shipped already. CEO Max Seybold remained vague, but did say that the company "will publish actual numbers in January".

We received emails from readers complaining that CherryPal was not replying to their emails anymore, but at least Seybold is still replying to us. Whether there will be a CherryPal in your future or not is unclear, but I would hope that the company can come up with some proof that the devices are actually shipping, since there is quite apparently doubt whether the CherryPal exists or not.

It seems that the ideal computer for greener home computing is still just that an ideal. Should an actual CherryPal customer with an actual working CherryPal computer with actual pictures proving it exists appear somewhere, we'd love to talk to them.

In the meantime, here are some greener computer options that do indeed exist:
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