Cheapest Way to Combat Vampire Power Still Sucks


Photo via Wired

Well, the cheapest way is actually unplugging your devices. But if for some reason you abhor doing that and want the next cheapest way, the $5 Harriet Carter Wall Outlet Switch gives you your solution.

Or does it...It seems like a big waste of plastic considering you still have to go to each individual plug to shut off power. Usually, options like this are best as a strip, so you can control multiple devices at once. Or at least remote controlled. While the power strips can be a little pricey, you can find them inexpensively these days, and they make a lot more sense than this gadget.

The real kicker to this thing is that the on/off switch is illuminated...which draws power. That kinda defeats the purpose of killing vampire electricity with this thing.

If you’re going to go to the outlet, might as well spare the money and just unplug your device.

Via Wired
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