Do the Hustle: Charge your phone with this smart bag

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A dead or dying battery is the bane of mobile computing, and because of the way we're addicted to our devices for everything from calls and text messages to Instagram-ing and Snapchat-ing and Facebook-ing to keeping track of our to-do lists, having an easy way to recharge on the go could be a real lifesaver.

The Hustle Bag could be the answer, as it's a smart bag for your smartphone, with an ultra thin power pack built into it for keeping your device charged and ready.

With an integrated power cord and an available 4250mAh of mobile power, all in a small footprint (the power pack measures just 9mm thick, and the whole thing weighs in at 200g), the Hustle acts as a combination wallet or purse, while also carrying (and charging) just about any smartphone on the market.

The Power Pack also has a built-in smart battery monitor that will alert users when it needs to be recharged, which is as easy as pie. When the Hustle Power Pack is out of juice, users can simply place it on the Charge Pad, which uses wireless induction charging technology to fill it up again in just a couple of hours.

According to Hustle, the Power Pack can recharge a smartphone up to four times on a single charge (depending on the size of the battery in the device), giving users the potential to never be caught with a dead battery again.

The Hustle combines function and fashion, letting you carry your phone your way, while also accessorizing to match the rest of your gear or apparel. Find out more, or pony up some cash to reserve one of the first Hustle Bags for yourself at Indiegogo.

Do the Hustle: Charge your phone with this smart bag
Forget about bringing your charger or bulky battery pack with you to keep your smartphone charged, and get a Hustle Bag instead.

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