CES2009: Greenpeace Speaks Up About Green Gadgets

greenpeace green gadget report cover at CES 2009 photo

Image of Greenpeace's Report Cover, found at Greenpeace.

Greenpeace had a presence at this year's CES 2009, and had in hand their report ranking the greenest products of the 15 manufacturers participating in their study. The group held a press conference to discuss the findings of the report, and what their expectations are for the electronics industry.

Read on for the greenest of the green in the main gadget categories, according to Greenpeace.Greenpeace Report Basics

"We're on the hunt for a truly green product that is free from toxic chemicals and excels in energy efficiency and durability," said Casey Harrell, Greenpeace International toxics campaigner. "We're pleased to say that the electronics industry has taken encouraging strides towards increasing the green features on some gadgets over the past year but none stand out in all environmental categories. The race for the green winner is still on."

Greenpeace started a conversation with 15 different companies who submitted their products for analysis and ranking according to Greenpeace's strict standards. The goal of the project was to not just find out who has what, but to engage the companies in a dialog about their entire company's philosophy. Looking at the chemicals in products submitted lead to conversation about getting harmful chemicals out of all products, not just those being marketed as "green."

Analysis of how products are marketed lead to conversation about educating consumers and giving honest, straightforward and easily accessed information about the products from cradle to cradle.

Extended lifetimes of more durable devices lead to discussion about cutting back on consumer waste, which then lead to takeback programs and companies taking full responsibility for their products, even at end of life.

The Greenest Gadgets
Greenpeace looked ran the rankings and found the following to be the greenest of what was submitted to them:

Laptop: Toshiba Protege R600 laptop
Mobile Phone: Samsung SGH-F268
Smart Phone: Nokia 6210 Navigator
Television: Sharp LC-52GX5 (sold in Japan only)
Monitor: Lenovo L2440x LCD

Lenovo's monitor was actually the highest scorer across the study, pulling in 6.9 points. That alone shows you how strict Greenpeace was on their points system. And that was with the group giving brownie points for innovative green thinking and going above and beyond legal and industry standards.

Final Findings
From the discussions, Greenpeace found that we have a long way to go — that most companies pick an aspect of a product to green up. What needs to happen is whole company changes, and green products taking a priority position within the company. From the look of booths at CES and eco relegated to corners, we do indeed have a long way to go.

You can read the report on Greenpeace's website.

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