CES Gadget: USB Plant Sensor EasyBloom (Video)

Upon her first visit to my less-than swinging bachelor pad, the woman who was to become my wife was most impressed by (in addition to the absence of dirty socks on my carpet) the lush green houseplants posed in leafy contrapposto beneath windows facing Park Avenue South. For folks interested in potted aphrodisiacs or simply peeps with a bum green thumb, a new gizmo debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show may be just the thing for you -- or should we say just the thing for the loving plants in your life. Easy Bloom's plant sensor device can tell you what will grow best in your home or garden and diagnose problems on the Web. What we can tell you right now is that it's also a good idea before a big date to hide the dirty socks under the bed... But for more on the EasyBloom, watch the video and read on.To find out where the idea for the product came from »
PlantSense, Inc.: Seed Idea for USB Plant Sensor Gadget EasyBloom
How the EasyBloom USB plant gadget works

The secret life of plants is revealed by placing this plant gadget in soil where you want to grow a plant, or next to a plant that needs some monitoring. After 24 hours of using the same technology deployed in the Mars rover that discovered water on the red planet, the high-tech device is ready to phone home. Plug the sensor into a USB port on your computer to upload data to the EasyBloom website for analysis. After running some algorithms, the system either recommends a plant or diagnoses what ails your formerly merry metaphyte. When in Recommend mode, the EasyBloom website will present a set of plants that will thrive in that location. In Monitor mode, you're told what is going wrong with a plant with visual cues on how to fix it.

The Green Deets (as in details, not the toxic insect repellant Deet!)

The EasyBloom Plant Sensor and website allow you to:

• Determine which plants will thrive in a specific spot in your yard or home.
• Diagnose an ailing plant so you can bring it back to health.
• Access detailed plant information on over 5000+ plants; create a custom plant library of your favorite plants.

via: Susty