CES 2013: Samsung Unveils Evolution Kits to Upgrade Your Old TV

samsung evolution kit photoyouTube/Video screen capture

By incorporating upgradability into their design, Samsung is giving itself and interesting edge in the marketplace for televisions.

By buying a Samsung premium TV, you have the chance to upgrade it later down the road by installing an Evolution Kit, unveiled at this year's CES. This kit makes your 2012 model perform like a 2013 model, or in years to come, your 2012 model would perform like the 2016 model.

The Evolution Kit is a plug-n-play technology. Simply connect it to a slot in the back of the television, and away you go with new hardware enhancements that make your television perform faster, so you can navigate the Internet with more speed or use apps while watching favorite shows.

Here's a little video on the Evolution Kit:

You have to be really serious about your TV's performance to pay any amount of money to "upgrade" it year over year. As the spokesperson said in the video, people only replace their television every 7 years anyway, so offering a little black box for upgrading is a great way for a company to entice consumers into buying something in between their new sets. Ultimately, it's just a way to sell more stuff that might not otherwise get sold. However, if this is something that will encourage people to buy only a small black box instead of a new television when they do want to upgrade, then that is an improvement.

Of course, it only works with certain televisions so it sure makes you think about buying Samsung's TVs that have this Evolution Kit option so you can have the latest and greatest without having to replace what you already have.

All said, it is a step in an interesting direction for upgrading, rather than replacing, electronics. We're curious if this upgradability will rub off on other manufacturers and perhaps be the new way things are done for televisions.

CES 2013: Samsung Unveils Evolution Kits to Upgrade Your Old TV
Instead of buying Samsung's latest premium TV, you can upgrade your old (Samsung premium TV) with this new little black box.

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