CES 2013: Powerful Solar Generator Launched by Goal Zero

yeti 150© Goal Zero

Last year I was amazed by the Yeti 1250, an off-grid solar-powered generator of serious proportions. This year, Goal Zero has yet another Yeti generator to announce, this one a little more portable in size.

Weighing 12 pounds, the Yeti 150 uses a 15W Bolder 15 Solar Panel to charge the 150 watt-hour battery, which can power anything from lights to laptops. It takes around 15 hours of sunlight to fully charge the battery, which is a minimum of two days in full sunlight. It may sound like a long time but if the other option is no power at all, then it's a fair tradeoff.

“We (Goal Zero) design all our products to provide our customers with a sense of security,” said Joe Atkin, President and CEO of the Utah-based company. “Whether you choose to be away from the grid or it fails our Yeti line of solar generators can help keep the lights on, your phones charged, and your refrigerators working.”

Indeed, the company means it when they say refrigerators. That's what the Yeti 150's cousin, the Yeti 1250 is for. Goal Zero recently put their products to the test by helping victims of Superstorm Sandy who needed power for such devices. Both this and the Yeti 150 are great options for what to have on hand for backup power in an emergency situation.

The new Yeti 150 will come out a little later this year for around $400 -- a decent price for a solid, powerful generator like this.

CES 2013: Powerful Solar Generator Launched by Goal Zero
The Yeti 150 is the latest from Goal Zero, and offers a powerful solution for emergency and off-grid charging.

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