CES 2012: Wine Holders Made From Trash Convert Into Lamps

Miniwiz is a company that always impresses me with its creativity. They've created personal wind-power generators, then turned plastic bottles into building materials, and walls that double as solar power generators -- they've even built boats! But they've moved on from power generation to focusing on sustainable materials. Recently they launched their iPhone cases made from agricultural waste and recycled plastic but here at CES they have something even cooler.

Fans of the Green Wine Guide, you might want to check out the new wine bottle holders made from trash. It is called the Re-Wine and it is made from recycled plastic and agricultural waste the same as their Re-Case iPhone case. The wine bottle holder protects your precious reds and whites, and can even be linked together. You can carry up to nine bottles of wine in their individual cases, linked together into one rugged block. Or, you can stack them up and create a customizable wine rack.

Oh but that's not all. You can also buy a special kit that turns the case into a desk lamp using your empty wine bottle as a stand. The case attaches to the top of the bottle, and turns like a lampshade, with a lightbulb providing illumination.

So essentially these can be individual wine cases, building blocks for furniture (that can also hold wine) or lighting accessories for your home -- all with simply recycled plastic and some rice husks that can also be recycled again at the end of their useful life. Now that's a bright idea.

They're also affordable. The Re-Wine Classic (which is the case without the lighting kit) retails for $13 on Amazon. The lighting kit isn't out on the market quite yet.

CES 2012: Wine Holders Made From Trash Convert Into Lamps
As Miniwiz explores sustainable materials, they've created clever containers for wine bottles that can double as table lamps.

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