CES 2012: Travel Charger Shuts Off Power When Your Battery Is Full

As always happens with CES, some gadgets can't wait until the start of the show to start making rounds on the tech blogosphere. The Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger from Bracketron is one of them. However, it's no wonder this travel charger is already gathering buzz. It has a practical purpose that anyone who is energy conscious can appreciate.

When you plug your cell phone, digital camera or other device in to get charged up, you're likely not paying much attention for when it reaches full charge. Once the battery is full, there is still a flow of electricity being pulled from the wall outlet. The Mushroom, on the other hand, stops that flow after it detects that your battery is full.

The device, which will debut at CES next week, comes in micro USB, USB and 30 pin for Apple devices, and has a built-in cord winder to make it easier to carry around. It will retail for about $30 once released, which means it will take quite awhile to see a return on investment from saved electricity (not to mention the embodied energy of the device itself). So this is really for those who are in the unbreakable habit of leaving things plugged in and charging all night, every night.

We will have more details and photos for you next week once we check it out in person at CES.

CES 2012: Travel Charger Shuts Off Power When Your Battery Is Full
The Mushroom from Bracketron knows when your cell phone's battery is full, and stops sucking electricity from the outlet

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