CES 2012: Monster Partners with People Power for Home Energy Use App for iPhone, Android

People Power is a company working on bringing energy use information and management to your fingertips. This week at CES, they announced a new partnership with Monster -- People Power has created a new app called Monster Power Control to use with Monster's PRT line of PowerCenter devices. Basically, monitoring and metering your energy use, including scheduling powering devices on or off throughout the day, can be done from your mobile phone.

The app won the "Power Your Future" contest at the AT&T Developer Summit, beating out over 100 other mobile app developers on build a smart phone or tablet app that provides an environmental or energy efficient benefit. Here is a video of the announcement of their win, and a quick demo on how the app works:

So, say for instance you have a home theater set-up, with a TV, DVR, XBox, and a couple other devices all hooked up. You can plug everything in to a Monster PowerCenter, and with the app from People Power, you can watch how much energy your devices are using, track how much you're spending on running those devices, and control when those devices are turned on or off -- all with your smart phone. This works for your home office set-up, or any sort of appliances.

Connectivity is a major theme at this year's CES, from the connected home to connected devices. This app from People Power and Monster certainly falls into the kind of information awareness anyone paying an electricity bill can appreciate.

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