CES 2012: Hybrid Solar Chargers from Revolve Offer Reliable Backup Battery Power

As our gadgets become more powerful, battery life is a real issue and it seems that portable backup power is a big theme at CES this year. Even the Sustainable Planet TechZone has quite a few options for portable power, including these hybrid chargers from Revolve. These chargers can soak up electricity from a wall outlet, or from the sun, and provide a charge to your dying device. Actually, devices since these power packs can provide a charge to two devices at once.

The xeMini ($70-$90) is one option and the xeMilo ($100-$125) is a slightly larger option -- though the solar panels on both are so small it would take hours upon hours to charge it entirely with solar. The solar panels on the xeMini is just 0.8 Watts and the xeMilo is 1.2 Watts, which is why it's great to see extra foldable solar panels provided to make these a more viable option for off-grid charging.

Revolve offers durable, canvas-covered solar panels at 2.5 Watts and 5 Watts, which is enough to charge a device directly in a couple hours or to eventually top off the portable power packs.

The cases of these power packs are actually pretty neat as they're made from recycled plastic and bamboo fiber, and Revolve in general is concerned about creating electronics that are eco-conscious. The wesbite notes:

"Todd and Eli founded Revolve Electronics to introduce to the world a radical new paradigm: Make highly useful products that simplify and enhance your life -- products that are well-made, user-serviceable and intended to last for years. Make these products the world’s first Earth Friendly Electronics® by using natural, recycled and sustainable materials. Build these products in a factory setting that is safe, clean and pays a fair wage. Treat employees like partners and peers in an environment of mutual respect. Give back to our global community in a way that builds people up -- don’t hold people down by worshipping the bottom line."

The focus on universal use and longevity, as well as using recycled and sustainable materials is always something we can get behind.

CES 2012: Hybrid Solar Chargers from Revolve Offer Reliable Backup Battery Power
Portable power is a major theme at CES this year, and Revolve has some solar-powered solutions.

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