CES 2012: 3 Examples of Sony's Mantra, "Do More With Less"

Every major electronics manufacturer at CES has a corner or wall of their booth that is dedicated to their "green" side, whether that be the products they're bringing out for home energy management or curbing the energy consumption of new models or perhaps recycling programs for e-waste. While some can be ritzy, I liked Sony's nearly blank wall.

At first, I read it as a sign that they're barely doing anything in green that they want to show off. But then I realized their presentation lived up to their mantra: Do more with less.

There were three things that stood out to me on Sony's white green wall. First, improved energy efficiency of electronics. Sure, we could say that they're keeping up with new standards and that's the only reason for the improvement. But even if that's the case, so what? The fact is their new model of television displayed was pulling less than half the electricity, and the same goes for their Blu-ray disc player. That makes last year's model -- something we usually say to hold on to -- look really outmoded.

The next thing I liked was their recycled SoRPlas, which stands for Sony Recycled Plastic. They take old CDs and DVDs and turn them into recycled plastics to use in casings of new products. The new casings are 90% SoRPlas and 10% virgin plastic. Yep, more with less:

And finally I love that they're thinking about how to take clunky technology and shrink the size without shrinking the quality. The example shown was their noise cancelling ear buds. The product on the left is last year's model, and you can see how much they shrunk it for the newest model. It is miniscule compared to the older version. Fewer materials, less packaging, more items in one shipping crate for fewer carbon emissions during transportation, and so on.

Do more with less. It is a strategy we could really get used to around here.

CES 2012: 3 Examples of Sony's Mantra, "Do More With Less"
Sony's environmental focus is fairly simple. In fact, it's the very definition of simple. And we like it.

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