CES 2012: Brunton Launches Extra Rugged Solar-Power iPhone Case

There are a lot of iPhone cases with solar panels that have made their way onto the market over the last few years, but Brunton -- a company known for creating rugged outdoor gear and off-grid power solutions -- wanted to get in the game. They've created an extra-tough case for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

The shell is rubberized so it absorbs the shock of a fall and can better protect your phone, and the case features a 2.4 Amp rechargeable battery. And for those that want a little something extra, there is a solar panel that pops out like a kickstand for your phone. You can then stand the phone up however you need to use it, or to get a charge for the case.

There was some question as to how long it would take to charge the case's battery to full and no one at the booth at the time had the answer; however, the solar panel is only a 0.1 Amp and the battery can hold enough to charge an iPhone 4 or 4S to full twice, so I'm guessing it is probably at least 8+ hours of direct sunlight, but likely more. The case is due to come out on the market in about a month or so, and more details will follow.

CES 2012: Brunton Launches Extra Rugged Solar-Power iPhone Case
This case stands out from the crowd, literally, with the flip of the solar panel that turns it into a stand for your iPhone.

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