CES 2012: 2nd Solutions Spares Corporate Cell Phones from Certain Death

I've heard of a lot of cell phone refurbishing companies, but I haven't heard of 2nd Solutions. At least not until CES. Most gadget collection and resell companies focus on the consumer stream. It is up to you to send in your old phone for money, or to trade it in for a newer phone. But this company focuses specifically on the corporate sphere.

Companies are constantly refreshing their IT equipment, including handsets and wireless devices. What happens to the old stuff? 2nd Solutions' website states:

"2nd Solutions, a global leader in the trade of these technologies, is driven by our desire to maximize the residual value in obsolete equipment, thereby providing payback to help defray the cost of new technology. 2nd Solutions has assisted numerous businesses, corporations, schools, non-profits and government agencies through the IT asset recovery enterprise buyback program."

In other words, offset the cost of upgrading to new gear by doing the right thing with the old stuff.

The company believes in creating a network of wholesalers and retailers to take old technologies companies are letting go of, no matter the condition, refurbishing it and selling it to those who need it. They go to extra lengths to make sure the devices are scrubbed of data so that companies don't risk leaks of proprietary information, and they also make sure that no gadget that enters the facilities are ever redirected to landfills.

2nd Solutions notes, "In 2007, American families and businesses discarded 2.25 million tons of electronics equipment—of which slightly more than 80% ended up in landfills. Our commitment to ‘green recycling’ is strengthened by our relationships with green scrappers, highly specialized companies who adhere to a no-fill policy that protects the environment while ensuring complete, non-landfill equipment “disposal” for our customers."

They're not a sexy company offering shiny new gadgets at CES. But they're one of the few companies offering important solutions for when those shiny new gadgets get replaced with stuff coming out at next year's CES. And for that, we thank them.

CES 2012: 2nd Solutions Spares Corporate Cell Phones from Certain Death
Salvaging old IT from corporations can mean big business, and a way to keep cell phones out of landfills.

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