CES 2010 - Nokia's New Mobile Game and Improved Travel Guide Highlight Green

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Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

Nokia earned the top spot on Greenpeace's latest Green Electronics Guide, earning props for their systematic elimination of hazardous materials from their products, reducing the size of their packaging, selecting recycled and recyclable materials for their products and so on. But it's not all about what's in the products, it's also about what you can do with them. Nokia is putting green thinking front and center with a new mobile game, and improvements to their Green Explorer website for travelers.

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Nokia has beefed up its Green Explorer website, which helps travelers make as light a footprint on the planet as possible while moving around the globe. The site provides travelers with comparisons on transportation options, shows landmarks, gets feedback from locals on the eco-features of the destinations, and so on.

The site has added features such as a photo gallery that lets people explore the area without actually going there - which means making the lightest possible footprint - tips for what customs and regulations for eco-friendliness the area has in place, so you know recycling policies to follow and so forth, and an improved maps feature that guides you around the city from above, in 3D, or even offline, with quick reference to train schedules and green travel options.

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Nokia also has a new game free to mobile users who have a touch-screen Nokia phone. It has a series of tasks you can do, such as strategic tree planting, helping ants collect pine needles, and other fun time-wasters that teach you about environmental issues as you play. The games are simplistic but fun to pull up while waiting for an appointment, or for kids. It's available free from Nokia's app store.
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