CES 2009: ZigBee's Zone is Hoppin'!

zigbee booth at CES photo

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

ZigBee had a small zone on the trade show floor with tables for the companies that work with the technology. While the zone was small, the audience was reassuringly large.

zigbee booth exhibitors image

Familiar faces, like Comverge, GreenPeak, and Tendril, were taking part, and it was great to see the number of people milling around the booth. I was told by exhibitors that they were excited about how busy it has been during the show - indeed it was difficult to even pin down exhibitors to talk with them at all. Great news for smart homes and energy efficiency!

zigbee control4 booth photo

Next to the ZigBee zone was Control 4, a home automation system, and the number of people attending their 15 minute presentations showed that, at least among CES attendees, there is indeed an interest in home automation.

While Control 4 isn't exactly focused on saving energy, their system could be used to save energy by preset options for turning off lights or lowering the thermostat when people leave the house, and their system is ZigBee enabled.

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