CES 2009: The Greener Gadgets Wild Goose Chase

greener gadgets at CES photo

Where are the green gadgets??; Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch
CES is pushing the idea that it is green, but made visitors go on a wild goose chase to find the "Sustainable Planet" zone. After an hour of hunting, and several staff members trying to help but having no idea where to find it, I finally found the pitifully small section of green gadgetry.

So what's up with the whole zone missing from the maps?In the pre-conference guide, there was an itty bitty section of the floor dedicated to innovations in sustainable technology. I circled it, of course. But when I arrived at the show, the entire section was gone, replaced by tables where people sat eatting lunch. There was no clue as to where the section was. I hunted around the area, asked some staff members who had no idea, and finally went to the information booth.

The information booth had been asked the same question all morning, "Where is the Greener Gadgets zone?" And yet, they still didn't have an answer. After 20 minutes of walking around with a informational staff person, we found the floor manager who pointed me down an isle saying, "I think they have some green stuff down there."

They didn't.

I went out to the Grand Lobby and saw a sign for Greener Gadgets...but it was just a broadboard for the February conference.

I went to yet another information booth, read through a fat "official directory" that still had incorrect booth information, and through three more staff members before someone pointed me into the Central Hall (a different hall than in the map) and to the sign that said "Sustainable Planet." I asked the person why the area was moved and she said it was due to space issues - so many people wanted to participate in the zone that they needed a bigger spot. This got me jazzed and nearly forgave CES for making me go through so much effort.

But, when I got to the zone, it was a measly block of about 4 rows of 5 booths on either side of each row. Out of this MASSIVE trade show....that's all there was.

Really, CES, if you want to act like you support green innovations, at least inform your staff of where the green gadget zone has been moved to.

Luckily there are some really great green innovations outside of this section. More to come on that...and more to come from what I found in this "sustainable planet" area.

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