CES 2009: The 6-in-One Solar Toy Kit

solar powered toys at ces 2009 photo

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

This boarders on plasti-crap. I admit it right away. But the fact that it shows off solar energy to kids means it deserves a mention. Plus, there's a cool Transformers aspect to it. It's part of the solar-powered toys at Robotikits, and it is a single toy that can be converted into six different solar powered toys, including a boat.

And yes, while it borders on plasti-crap, and isn't as educational as Horizon's kits, I have to admit I had to withhold the urge to clap my hands like a 5-year-old when they turned on the light and the toys started zooming around.

The toy kit will be on the market around March.

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