CES 2009: Sustainable Planet Zone is Mostly Solar Junk

sustainable planet at ces 2009 photo

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

If someone with no experience in the greener side of life were to stumble upon the Sustainable Planet zone for CES 2009, they would think that sustainable means solar powered junk, and very little else. Granted, I'm being harsh upfront (it's hard for a TreeHugger not to get a little cynical at CES), but the majority of booths in this zone center around a solar powered something or other. It's a frustratingly narrow representation of what "greener gadgets" really means, and what sustainable products really could be.

And by junk, I mean junk:

Solar junk at sustainable planet photo

Yes, there are some pretty cool booths in this section - some of which have been posted about, and more are to come. But in terms of exposing people of a lighter shade of green to renewable energy, sustainable manufacturing, recycling gadgets....you know, the part about gadgets that makes them "Sustainable"...this zone does a very poor job.

Plus...it's hard to find! (Update about that issue: I did see one sign today that listed the various tech zones, and it named the correct location of the Sustainable Planet zone. They at least did that much.)

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