CES 2009: It's a Wrap! A Review of TreeHugger's Trip to CES

Charging Up Gadgets and Vampire Power-Killing Gadgets at CES

Charging Up Gadgets CES 2009: Powermat Sports Green Charging, Or Does It? Powermat has an exclusive looking booth at CES. I got an appointment to go in and see what their technology has in store for charging gadgets.

iGo Debuting Energy Efficient Chargers at CES 2009
iGo Technologies provides solutions for charging up gadgets more efficiently by ditching standby power. They're debuting a few more cool looking products at the upcoming CES. Read on for a glimpse of what tech we'll get to see in just a couple weeks.

CES 2009: Fun with iGO Chargers (Video)
iGO, as we mentioned last week, is excited about launching a new laptop charger with "green technology" embedded in it to help combat vampire power.

CES 2009: LG and GotWind's Mobile Phone Charging Station (Video)
LG partnered with GotWind and has erected a solar/wind cell phone charging station. We're well familiar with GotWind around here, and it's great to see them head to the states to help LG create the first renewable energy charging tent a US cell phone provider has ever put up in the states.

CES 2009: Solar and Wind Hybrid Charger from Kinesis Industries (Video)
Kinesis has created a solar/wind hybrid charger - the K2 - for use with USB devices such as cell phones. It's literature touts the ability to recharge a cell phone 5 times on one full K2 battery.

CES 2009: Hymini Debuts New Renewable Energy Products (Video)
Hymini has the greenest-looking booth that I've seen so far at CES, and it's because they are super serious about alternative energy. They've debuted a family of alternative energy chargers, and a few more really cool items are featured at their cube.

CES 2009: Fuji Rolls Out Greenwashed EnviroMAX Batteries
CES is rife with greenwashing, and one booth that made it to the miniscule and well hidden "Sustainable Planet" section is Fuji's EnviroMAX batteries. These are anything but eco-friendly and the advertising for them makes me turn green, and not in a good way.

Vampire Power-Killing Gadgets
CES 2009: Trickle Star Combats Vampire Power With Simple Device (Video)
It might be one of the sleeker devices we've seen so far to combat vampire power. It's from Trickle Star and reportedly helps fight vampire power from accessories associated with your computer or entertainment set-ups.

CES 2009: Smart Charger Strip Added to Smart Strip Family
We've talked about the Smart Strip quite a bit before - the power strip that can put an end to vampire power. Mainly it's used for cutting power to slave devices when one main device, like a computer, is shut off.

CES 2009: Christopher Knight Helps Kick off Green Plug's First Product
Green Plug, a smart charging technology we've been watching for awhile, debuted its first Greentalk-integrated product, Innergie. Innergie is the world's smallest universal adapter, and now it has a new trick up its sleeve.

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