CES 2009: It's a Wrap! A Review of TreeHugger's Trip to CES

Solar and Take Back Programs at CES

Solar Power at CES CES 2009: PowerFilm's Battery Chargers and $1,000 Solar Blanket Rechargeable batteries are much better than disposable. And recharging them via solar power is much better than using fossil fuel power from the grid. Of course doing the same for laptop batteries is great too. But at what point do you draw the line at price and size?

CES 2009: The 6-in-One Solar Toy Kit
This boarders on plasti-crap. I admit it right away. But the fact that it shows off solar energy to kids means it deserves a mention. Plus, there's a cool Transformers aspect to it.

CES 2009: LG and GotWind's Mobile Phone Charging Station (Video)
LG partnered with GotWind and has erected a solar/wind cell phone charging station. We're well familiar with GotWind around here, and it's great to see them head to the states to help LG create the first renewable energy charging tent a US cell phone provider has ever put up in the states.

CES 2009: Solar and Wind Hybrid Charger from Kinesis Industries (Video)
Kinesis has created a solar/wind hybrid charger - the K2 - for use with USB devices such as cell phones. It's literature touts the ability to recharge a cell phone 5 times on one full K2 battery.

CES 2009: Solar Powered Emergency Radio
This little renewably powered radio caught my eye. Called the Voyager, it's a cool device for emergencies, and uses both hand crank and solar for charging.

CES 2009: Sustainable Planet Zone is Mostly Solar Junk
If someone with no experience in the greener side of life were to stumble upon the Sustainable Planet zone for CES 2009, they would think that sustainable means solar powered junk, and very little else.

CES 2009: Super Bright Solar-Powered LED Security Light (Video)
Security lights are one item on a home that can be easy to switch to solar right away. And this item from MAXSA Innovations seems like an ideal product for that purpose. It's the brightest solar-powered motion light available, and it has some great features.

Energizer Solar Powered Battery Charger to Debut at CES
Looks like there are going to be greener ways to charge up AA and AAA batteries, and it's not just a concept.

TakeBake Programs Shown off at CES
CES 2009: ecoNEW Offers New TakeBack Program
ecoNEW launched a new electronics takeback program that gives customers something back for their used gadgets, and they were excited to show it off at their booth at CES.

CES 2009: eco Take Back Program
Eco Take Back had a great booth in the Sustainable Planet zone and I stopped in to find out more about their recycling efforts.

CES 2009: ReCellular Takes Back Mobile Phones
Recellular had a booth at CES encouraging people to sell or donate their old phones rather than toss them, and buy used for their next mobile phone purchase.

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