CES 2009: It's a Wrap! A Review of TreeHugger's Trip to CES

CES, Corporations, and Going Green

The Presence of Green at CES CES 2009: The Greener Gadgets Wild Goose Chase CES is pushing the idea that it is green, but made visitors go on a wild goose chase to find the "Sustainable Planet" zone. After an hour of hunting, and several staff members trying to help but having no idea where to find it, I finally found the pitifully small section of green gadgetry.

CES 2009: Green Is Here, But It's Sent to Stand in the Corner
While there's an eco-presence to most of the booths of major electronics manufacturers, it's relegated to small sections of the very, very large booths.

CES2009: Greenpeace Speaks Up About Green Gadgets
Greenpeace had a presence at this year's CES 2009, and had in hand their report ranking the greenest products of the 15 manufacturers participating in their study. The group held a press conference to discuss the findings of the report, and what their expectations are for the electronics industry.

CES 2009: Toxic TV Zombies Invade Las Vegas
CES is trying to go green in some ways - there is a minuscule "green gadgets" zone, they're making moves to green up their conference logistics, and have launched the Greener Gadgets off-shoot conference.

CES 2009: TV Zombies Do the Thriller Dance (Video)
The Electronics TakeBack Coalition's crew of zombies did a special dance performance at their press conference. Who knew undead TVs had such rhythm!

Corporations and Their Green
CES 2009: Nokia Working to Walk the Green Talk
Nokia invited me over to their booth to talk about what they're doing to put the environment at the forefront of the company. I spoke with David Conrad, head of Nokia's North American environmental activities, who described Nokia's philosophy about their environmental impact and how they walk their talk.

CES 2009: Eco-Mount a Carbon Neutral Company?
Green is thankfully leaking into all sorts of areas, but when I saw this company, Eco-Mount, I was skeptical. So, I stopped in to ask what exactly made their TV mounts "green."

CES 2009: Toshiba's Environmental Initiatives
Toshiba was kind enough to invite TreeHugger over to their booth to show off what they're doing to prove their commitment to the planet and the people on it. Guided by Craig Hershberg, director of environmental affairs for Toshiba America, I was able to learn about a handful of the the business practices, goals, and products Toshiba has in place.

CES 2009: Panasonic's Eco Ideas Carnival (Video)
A giant sign proclaiming "Eco Ideas" caught my attention at the Panasonic booth, so I went over to see what it was about. What I discovered felt a little bit like a fair ride.

CES 2009: ZigBee's Zone is Hoppin'!
ZigBee had a small zone on the trade show floor with tables for the companies that work with the technology. While the zone was small, the audience was reassuringly large.

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